Q: How does Dorm Delivereez work?

A: Fill out an Order Request Form on the "Shop" page, and add items to your PayPal cart, then proceed to checkout. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been processed. After that, we deliver your order to your student's door at your chosen time. 

Q: Can I still purchase an item without a PayPal account?

A: Yes, you simply enter your credit or debit card information and PayPal will handle the rest

Q: What if no one is in the dorm room at the time when my item is to be deliver?

A: Dorm Delivereez will leave the delivery in the residence's mailroom. The recipient will then receive a text and email informing them that they will have a package waiting to be picked up. 

Q: I had to fill in my shipping address on PayPal, does this mean the item that I purchased will be shipped to my address?

A: No, when you fill out the Order Request Form on the "Shop" page, you will designate the Residence that your student is living in (including room number). The package will then be hand delivered to the room 

Q: Where do your products come from? 

A: They are bought the day of from a local bakery. All baked goods are made fresh with your custom specifications, from icing colors to fillings and messages and more!